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Three days and counting.

Then it all comes to an end. Yes, the last two years of schooling are almost done. Well, at least the formal schooling for the Programmer/Analyst AAS from the Milwaukee Area Technical College. Really, it had been changed to Mobile Application Developer and that is what is printed on my piece of paper, but many of us found it more accurate by the old title since we covered so much more than just mobile. Now as I finish up the last of my projects, I kind of have a Bloat moment. No, I am not bloated, nor feel that way. I refer to Bloat, the puffer fish at the end of the movie Finding Nemo that my kids enjoy so much. After escaping the fish tank to the ocean and floating on the water, stuck in a plastic baggie, he asks, "Now what?" Yeah, now what? Yes, yes the job hunt we all know that. The pleading with places, "I know I am a noob with no experience, but please, PLEASE, give me a chance!" It goes without saying. But what else? We learned quite a bit, but really only skimmed the surface. Fellow student Rahul put it nicely when he called it "programming tapas." A little taste of everything. Java, Android, C++, C#, ASP.NET, iOS, SQL, DB design, SDLC and methodologies, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/JQuery are among the flavors that were offered up. Well, that can leave you with a basic foundation in each, but let's be honest, you could really take each of those and almost make a two-year study each just to master it. It is that Bloat moment where you realize you are only floating on the surface and it goes so much deeper.

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